Buyer Review / Pat P.

I met Mary in 2016, a brief encounter as she was leaving an open house. She was heading to another appointment but we exchanged contact info. I had not yet sold my co-op in Manhattan and was considering whether to buy a home in Rockland or Westchester.

Mary followed-up a few days later and would send listings from time to time. I sold my apartment in the fall and began renting, still in Manhattan, having decided Rockland County was where I would buy. My ideal - a property with relatively low property taxes adjacent to a park with hiking or water views.

Our relationship was strictly via e-mail for more than a year. Then in September 2017, she e-mailed me this - "I thought of you when this came on today. Little further north but offers lots of privacy and low taxes. Think it is overpriced and will watch if it gets reduced.”

The home was FSBO and Mary stuck like glue through the yearlong emotional roller coaster ride of negotiating. Almost a year after seeing the home I closed in early August on the 4 bedroom home with 2 acres, adjacent to a State Park (additional 700 acres w/ Hudson River view just a hike away).

There were several junctures where either I, the seller, or both walked away. The constant throughout was Mary’s belief and insistent that I was the right buyer for a home the seller was still attached to. Maybe it was her master gardening skills that allowed her to coax the sellers out and plant me in the house.

I am eternally grateful for her professionalism and persistence.